Professional Tennis Players with his Favourite Rolex watch

Rolex is closely associated with the world of tennis and Rolex watches are present in almost every professional tennis tournament around the world. Rolex’s relationship with tennis dates back to 1978, when it became the official timekeeper of the Wimbledon Championships. Over the years, Rolex’s involvement in the sport has grown, with the iconic Swiss watchmaker now sponsoring all four Grand Slam tournaments, as well as some of the world’s top professional players.

With a variety of different models worn by Rolex brand ambassadors tennis players over the years, it is safe to assume that the sport’s biggest names have access to almost any Rolex cheap replica watch they want. However, when we look at some of the most famous Rolex ambassadors attending the U.S. Open in New York this year, there is one model that seems to be the favorite of the brand’s top tennis players: the Rolex Daytona.

Speaking of his favorite Rolex watches, Alexander Zverev was photographed wearing some ultra-desirable models, including the new stainless steel Sky-Dweller ref. 326934 with Jubilee bracelet.
In terms of his favorite Rolex watches, Stefanos Tsitsipas was photographed wearing a number of different models, including the two-tone Submariner model 16613LN with the same 18-inch bracelet. The 16613LN and the 18-karat white gold Daytona that Rolex ambassador Alexander Zverev recently gave him. However, the model that Tsitsipas has been spotted wearing most recently is the stainless steel Rolex Daytona ref. And it has became an almost permanent fixture on his wrist during post-race press conferences and awards ceremonies.

Belinda Bencic is one of the top women’s tennis players and a Rolex ambassador. in 2021, the 17-year-old Swiss pro reached the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open, becoming the youngest player to reach that stage of the tournament in 15 years. When it comes to her favorite fake Rolex watches, Belinda Bencic usually gravitates towards models from the Datejust collection, and Rolex recently presented her with a solid 18-karat yellow gold Lady-Datejust with a diamond-set dial and a presidential strap to celebrate her victory at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The watch’s caseback inscription reads, “The Rolex family congratulates Belinda,” which Bencic said is “an honor and a watch that will forever remain in my memory.”

Introduction of The Pepsi GMT from Rolex and Tudor 

Basel world 2021 is all about Pepsi GMT new replica watches from Rolex and Tudor, and while no one knows for sure what Rolex might launch at Basel world this year, speculation has already begun about what we might expect.Will there be a new Submariner design this year? Will Explorer II be granted a late update? Isn’t it time for a Cerachrom Daytona with a gold case and bracelet?

Fans have been most vocal about the brand’s fabled GMT-master collection, which marks the 65th anniversary of its debut in 2019. Like everyone else, rolex shines on its birthday, and many fans hope that the brand’s gift to us may be the only thing worth noting about the collection over the years: the black and red “Coke” bezel.
Now, no one would be happier to see Coca-Cola back than I am, but sadly, I don’t think that will happen for two reasons. First, for rolex, 65 is a bit of a random year. “Big reveal” usually happens half a century. Second, just last year, all eyes were on Pepsi GMT, with Rolex and its sister company releasing absolute knockouts
The Rolex GMT-Master, with its blue and red Pepsi bezels, is the face of the watch world.This was the first example of what would become the most famous two-time-zone watch. For more than 60 years, Rolex GMT was an option, in one form or another.
The original Bakelite bezels were quickly replaced by aluminum, which was the standard reference material for GMT until 2005. That year, Rolex introduced their Cerachrom(ceramic) bezel-insert model; However, they have not perfected the method to apply it to the two-color scheme. By contrast, the GMT’s ceramic bezel is pure black, completely missing its intended purpose: to give the appearance of day and night at a glance.
For the next few years, the closest we came to Pepsi GMT bezel was an extremely expensive example, surrounded by rubies and sapphires; By 2014, however, Rolex had figured out a way to add a second color to the ceramic inserts, and a real Pepsi model entered the market.Unfortunately, the watch comes with just one platinum piece, making the legendary cheap fake watches more expensive than most people can afford.That goes a long way to explaining why Pepsi’s GMT-Master II stainless steel relaunch last year made headlines for months.
Rolex’s masterpiece, however, did not quite go its way. Just as a younger brother is always trying to upstage his older brother, Tudor is rocking Baselworld 2018 with his Pepsi GMT.

Rolex GMT-Master II Ultimate Buying Guide 

The Rolex GMT-Master II is an evolution of the original GMT-Master, which began production in 1955 with the model number 6542. It was developed in collaboration with Pan American Airway company to help pilots and other avid long-haul travelers. The Rolex GMT-Master features a bi-directional 24-hour bezel and a dedicated arrow-tipped 24-hour hand on the dial, allowing the wearer to quickly read both home time and local time.
Cosmetic updates aside, the most notable update that accompanies the GMT-Master II collection is a movement with an independently adjustable hour hand. With this upgrade buy replica watches, the wearer can adjust the 12-hour hand without disturbing the 24-hour hand, allowing two different time zones to be displayed through the dial alone, and freeing up the bezel for quick access to a third time zone. This more advanced movement also initially required a fatter case, which eventually led to its various nicknames.
Another defining feature of the GMT-Master II is its Maxi dial. As the name implies, the hour markers and hands are significantly larger than the previous non-Maxi dial. Within just a few years of the GMT-Master II’s overhaul, Rolex invented Chromalight – a proprietary luminescent material that glows brilliantly blue in the dark, while remaining crisp and white during the day.
In addition to being equipped with the new Caliber 3285 Perpetual movement, the current ref. 126710 has a slightly more refined silhouette on the wrist. Although the case diameter is identical, the lugs are thinner and less square, giving it a more rounded and smooth appearance.

The Pepsi Rolex is the second GMT-Master II to feature a two-tone Cerachrom bezel, with the reference 116719BLRO debuting in solid white gold in 2014. Those who want a stainless steel version of the classic Pepsi GMT will have to wait until Baselworld 2018 when the Pepsi GMT-Master II will once again be available in stainless steel – this time with the Jubilee bracelet number 126710BLRO.
While stainless steel Rolex watches will always be a popular choice due to their practicality and relatively affordable price point, there is something to be said for the current reference 126719BLRO in full 18k white gold. It offers a level of exclusivity that only a solid gold Rolex can provide and represents the ultimate luxury-oriented expression of the original Rolex pilot’s cheap fake watches.
Our list would not be complete without at least one GMT-Master II in steel and yellow gold. One prominent example is Ref. 16713. This model featured both an Oyster and Jubilee bracelet and remained in production until 2006 when it was replaced by the ceramic bezel 116713LN. With a large selection on the pre-owned Rolex market, including some gem-set Serti dials, it’s not hard to find the perfect two-tone GMT-Master II at a price that fits your style and budget.
Rolex introduced the first Everose Gold (a proprietary 18k rose gold alloy) GMT-Master II during Baselworld 2018. This Ref. 126715CHNR leans toward warm tones with a polished and satin-finished rose gold case and a brown and black Cerachrom bezel. It’s a sophisticated best swiss replica watches and one that follows the trend as interest in rose gold luxury timepieces continues to rise. It is also a newer GMT-Master II, which means that this reference watch is equipped with the latest generation of the Caliber 3285 movement, Chromalight luminous, and Cerachrom bezel insert.

Take a Closer Look at the Replica Rolex Jubilee Dial

The “Jubilee” name is generally used to describe a particular style of Rolex bracelet which is featured by its five-piece, semicircular link construction. Nevertheless, did you find that there is also a fake Rolex Jubilee dial?
As we all know, Rolex launched the Datejust watch in 1945 to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary. Along with the creative date window on the dial, the replica watch also came with a brand-new style of bracelet. And to stress the big ‘four-zero’ celebration, Rolex called the new bracelet the Jubilee. Fast-forward to 1985, and Rolex took a similar route by releasing the Jubilee dial to celebrate the Datejust’s 40th anniversary.

The Jubilee dial, also famous as the anniversary dial, features a repetitive ‘ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX’ pattern engraved on the whole surface of the dial – similar to let’s say, a monogram Louis Vuitton bag. Don’t forget that it was the 1980s – the decade of decadence and flaunting one’s wealth, and logo-mania was all the rage across luxury goods. As a result, the Jubilee dial style fit right into the trend to proudly state that the watch was really a Rolex – in case onlookers had any doubts.
Although the Jubilee dial made its debut on the Datejust, it is also available on Lady-Datejust watches, as well as Day-Date “President” watches, and even some Cellini references. Moreover, Rolex pairs the Jubilee dial with best replica watches in an assortment of metals consisting of stainless steel, gold, and two-tone.
Rolex still makes the Jubilee dial today, and over the years the logo motif has appeared in a wide range of colors from understated black and white, to classic champagne and silver, to vibrant blue and pink. Wearers of the Jubilee dial will tell you that it keeps changing its appearance relying on how the light hits it – the pattern can transform from obvious to subtle.
Apart from colors, the Jubilee dial is also available with plenty of index styles including diamonds, batons, Roman numerals, and Arabic hour markers. There are many other examples of the Jubilee dial with the “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” text on it, while other have a little “Datejust” nameplate applied on the surface, and forgo the SCOC writing all together.
However Jubilee dial style might not for everyone, it is a great option for those who prefer to be a little extra. Whether on the Datejust, the Lady-Datejust, or the Day-Date, the Jubilee dial makes any Rolex watch proud. The pattern on Rolex Jubilee dials can either appear subtle and subdued or prominent and highly visible, which depending on the dial color and the surrounding lighting.

Guidance of buying Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches

Patek published the Nautilus 5711, available in steel and rose gold, in 2006 to celebrate the collection’s 30th anniversary. As an all-stainless steel model with time and date windows, Nautilus 5711/1a is the closest contemporary to the original reference. It is also the most popular model of the nautilus, often considered the hottest cheap luxury watch on the market today.
To get your hands on a Nautilus ref. 5711/1A needs either waiting for years for one to become available at an authorized retailer or a willingness to pay more than double the retail price in the secondary market. For fans of pink valuable metal, there’s the full rose gold version, the Nautilus 5711/1R too. 
The Nautilus 5711 features a 40mm case (around 8.3mm thick) that is water-resistant to 120 meters. In real Nautilus fashion, the ref. 5711 is paired with an integrated bracelet, equipped with a fold-over clasp. The steel 5711/1A comes with an option of a blue dial or a white dial while the rose gold 5711/1R consists of a chocolate brown dial, all complete with horizontal embossing.
Patek also launched the Nautilus 5712 in 2006, which consists of a moonphase display, running seconds sub-dial, date display, and power reserve indicator. Similar to the 5711, the Nautilus Moonphase sports a 40mm case. However, Patek makes the ref. 5712 in three metal options – steel, rose gold, and white gold. Besides, while the steel Nautilus 5712/1A has a steel integrated bracelet, the rose gold 5712R and white gold 5712G have leather straps.
Inside the Nautilus Moonphase 5712 is the in-house Caliber 240 PS IRM C LU automatic movement, visible through the exhibition caseback, with a power reserve rating of 38 to 48 hours. The water resistance rating of the more sophisticated 5712 is half that of the simpler 5711 at 60 meters.
In 2010, Patek expanded its flagship sports watch collection by adding the Nautilus Annual Calendar ref. 5726. replica Patek Philippe developed and introduced an annual calendar complication in 1996 that adjusts the time and correct display of the calendar by automatically considering whether a month is 30 days or 31 days. The only time a calendar watch needs to be manually adjusted is March 1.
The 5726 is the first Nautilus watch to this practical Patek complex. In addition to the moonphase display and 24-hour display, the dial includes a window for the date, date, and month. Although the 40.5mm case is made of stainless steel, there are some variations in the color of the dial and the material of the strap. In the middle of the nautilus’s calendar was a Calibre of 324 S QA LU 24H, a reserve of 35 to 45 hours of power, and a water-proof depth of 120 meters.

2019 Affordable Awesome Replica watches

The international watch fair is just for you if highly complex, mind-blowing timepieces are your jam. After all, it’s the Haute Horlogerie fair. But things get more difficult if you are into simpler fare, more suitable for daily duty. Never fear though, for amidst the tourbillons and astronomical complications there’s some amazing value to be had. Let’s see the more examples below:
Unsurprisingly, the popular swiss replica watches IWC’s Pilot’s line is given its utilitarian and attractive style — one of the brand’s strongest performers, and this year saw a crop of the best high-flying releases in a good while. Among the bold new materials and aviation-inspired complications, it was the plain steel Spitfire that really stood out. Now in a 39mm case, and with an in-house movement, it’s a stunner of a watch, with enough old-world charm to win the Battle of Britain.

We’re on record as being teambaumatic, and the newest dial offering, in graduated Cadran Bleu, only seals the deal. This dark dial looks amazing, and the Baumatic movement, with five days power and COSC or non-COSC options, is a solid performer. Although it’s worth noting that the escapement is no longer silicon, perhaps because Richemont was not a part of the consortium. Even without this element, it’s still a strong proposition.

Montblanc’s revamped Heritage collection was one of the real winners from SIHH, a collection oozing in stylish nostalgia and charm. No small part of that charm is because of the complex, domed dials with sophisticated finishes and mix of printed and applied details. And while this collection encompasses top-end chronographs, a GMT and a Day-Date, I’m quite smitten by this 40mm time-only offering with the warm, coppery toned salmon dial.
However, the fake Rolex is the number one commonly faked brand, particularly amongst those with the cheapest who sells the best replica watches. The next most common faked watch is Audemars Piguet. I think the rise of Audemars Piguet is due to its popularity in the hip-hop culture and also because of its original price point being high. The Rolex DayDate and DateJust are the best copied Rolex watch modes and then the Submariner after those. When it comes to fake Audemars Piguet it is all about the Royal Oak Offshore. Other brands on the rise when it comes to are Panerai and of course Omega. I have yet to see any properly made replicated of Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, or similar brands. They are replicated, but the fakes look nothing like actual production models.

Comparison of the Two Different IWC Replica Watches

IWC has a large number of very famous watch models to their name, such as, the Big Pilot, the Ingenieur, the Da Vinci and others. Today, we take a general view of their dressier models, the Portofino and the Portugieser Chronograph. Join us as we examine the similarities and differences between these two classic replica IWC watches. Here are the Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days and the Portugieser Chronograph. 
The design of both these watches from the IWC collection, the Portofino and the Portugieser Chronograph, are greatly inspired by pocket watches. In fact, the very first time-only Portugieser (formerly known as the Portuguese) from 1939 was a hunter-style wristwatch powered by a pocket watch movement. While the Portugieser Chronograph version only the joined the lineup in 1998, it kept most of the signature design details of the inaugural model from 1939. The Portofino, on the other hand, made its debut in 1984, drawing inspiration from Lepine pocket watches.
As far as the size is concerned, the case of the Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days measures a generous 45mm while the Portugieser Chronograph is smaller at 40.9mm. Yet, due to their movements, the 11.7mm thick Portofino is slighter slimmer than the 12.6mm thick Portugieser Chronograph. The Portofino is crafted in stainless steel while the Portugieser Chronograph is in 18k rose gold in our specific examples. However, both collections offer models in steel and gold.
When looking at the face of the replica watches, you’ll find that they’re both expansive thanks to slim bezels. The Portugieser Chronograph ref. IWC fake watch has its characteristic duo of registers at the top and bottom of the dials—the minute counter followed by the running seconds, respectively. What’s more, the slate dial houses Arabic numerals all around in addition to the tachymeter scale on the periphery. 
Conversely, the Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days model has its characteristic stick indexes encircling its silver dial joined by a sole Roman numeral at 12 o’clock. There’s also a subtle outer minute track. The well-balanced dial includes a date window at 3 o’clock, a running seconds subdial at 6 o’clock and a power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock.
Both the Portofino and the Portugieser Chronograph are amazingly popular models within the replica IWC catalog. And given their beautiful designs, that isn’t a surprise at all. The Portofino is larger but slimmer while the Portugieser Chronograph is thicker and includes the duo of pushers for more heft. One is manual while the other is automatic. In our examples, one sports a steel case with a light dial while the other has a rose gold case with a dark dial.
As with any other luxury watch, it really comes down to personal preference since either the IWC Portugieser Chronograph or IWC Portofino would be an awesome addition to any watch collection.

Introduction of the groundbreaking replica Zenith Defy Lab

The first fruits of a more synergized approach to watch-making at LVMH comes to light this week, with the unveiling of replica Zenith’s Defy Lab, a collaboration between the best-decorated Le Locle manufacture, the R&D department of replica Hublot and Guy Semon, CEO of the luxury group’s R&D Institute, Watch Division, based at the fake TAG Heuer.
And the results are even more remarkable than Zenith’s landmark achievement to some extent, the legendary El Primero from 1969, the first serially produced chronograph capable of measuring to 1/10th of a second, made possible by the higher than normal oscillating frequency. Because today Zenith has announced a new movement beating at an incredible 15hz or ten times more accurately than the original El Primero.
Featured inside a revamped movement called the ZO 342 is a completely new regulating system dubbed the Zenith Oscillator, which replaces the coupled balance and hairspring system devised by the astronomer and physicist Christian Huygens back in 1675 with a single element measuring just 0.5mm in thickness.
The Oscillator itself is made from monocrystalline silicon and its two components replace the 30 or so parts that comprise the traditional sprung balance system. The use of monocrystalline silicon obviates the need for lubrication, resulting in less friction, which – in tandem with the increased frequency – achieves far greater accuracy for 95 per cent of its 60-hour power reserve.
This gives the Defy Lab a triple-whammy of credentials: chronometer certification awarded on behalf of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), as well as thermal and anti-magnetic properties that meet criteria laid down by the International Organisation for Standards (ISO). As the replica Zenith describes it, “This mechanism opens up a new dimension, representing no less than a reinvention of the Huygens principle with another mechanical cheap replica watch.”
Initially offered in ten unique pieces, the Zenith Defy Lab features a 44mm case made from a patent-pending aluminium composite developed by the R&D team at Hublot, called Aeronith, which is billed as 1.7 times lighter than aluminium and 10% lighter than carbon fibre. The ZO 342 caliber measures just 8.13mm thick with the Zenith Oscillator itself visible through the open-worked dial.
Ultimately, it aims to industrialize the Zenith Oscillator in much the same way as the El Primero, but until then there’s the Defy El Primero 21, a chronograph capable of measuring to 100th of a second via a central seconds hand, the first series-made chronograph able to do so, and the debut piece in this newly-minted line of Defy watches.

A Replica Rolex ‘Pre-Daytona’ and a Double-Signed Excelsior Park Decimal

We found most of our featured watches this week, with the very popular exception of the cover girl, a replica Rolex chronograph in superb condition. To round out the selection, we conclude with a dressy Vacheron Constantin model, which comes with full set.
For quite some time vintage Gallet have been on the rise, with the MultiChron Decimal chronograph being one of the most popular models around owing to its catchy good appearance. Interestingly, the manual-wound chronograph movement found in those watches is the Excelsior Park EP40, which helps to explain the unusual branding of this dial.  rolex watch
Actually, Excelsior Park is mentioned on the dial, but it is not the only name there as “Sinn” can also be spotted. It is not surprising given the close relationship between the two brands; Sinn often depended on the Excelsior Park calibers for its chronographs. The Decimal quite a rare one – the only recent trace of the watch is from a listing from five years ago, although another one seem to been sighted in 2003. This example is preserved in excellent general condition despite some aging to the dial (and some spotting), and it comes on a vintage bracelet, obviously made by Gay Freres.
The Daytona is apparently the most popular replica Rolex chronograph, but it was actually not created from a completely blank slate. The use of an Oyster case pre-dates the launch of the first Daytona watch, as the references 6034, 6234, and 6238 already benefited from it. This explains why those are often nicknamed “Pre-Daytona,” although they very obviously do not carry a scale on their bezel – the real design change that led to the Daytona as we know it.
The present Rolex watch shows an almost perfect dial, which allows us to experience the original beauty of its design. Its external scales are typical of the 1950s, in their printing and coloring, when the 3/6/9 demarcation on the minute counter was used for international calls paid in three-minute increments. The case condition matches; it is described as unpolished and judging from the thick lugs, it very much looks that way. The radium lume has taken on a very nice patina, which matches on both the hands and dial markers.
The KonTiki name comes from the fascinating expedition led by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl who was reportedly wearing an Eterna back in 1947. The name was used on many replica watches by Eterna, some of which were even military-issued divers. The present KonTiki is an often-forgotten model originally launched in 1958, just a few years after the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and the fake Rolex Submariner. Its design underlines the focus on legibility, therefore, the generous application of lume on the hands and indexes.
Top Quality 1940s Breitling ‘Pre-Premier’ and a 1984 Rolex GMT-Master II
There is something about vintage Breitling replica watches, and that’s not enough for us. This “Pre-Premier” watch is no exception. First introduced by the fake Breitling way-back-when in 1939 with a black dial, the 734 boasts clean lines and a classic tool watch demeanor. This chronograph does not feature the word “Premier” on the dial like its younger sibling, but it is just as appealing. It has become one of the more desirable vintage replica Breitlings on the market recently. You can read more about this fake watch here.
It seems impossible for someone not to love a dive watch. There is something so rewarding about a classic tool watch, with its clean lines and rugged exterior. When the Aqua-Lung “Skin 666” was first released in 1962, it cost $100. Fast forward to today and this quintessential automatic dive watch is more expensive, but it packs the same punch. It was built to withstand pressures up to 660 feet deep and has a rich black dial fitted into the stainless steel case. You can read more about it here.
The GMT-Master is a classic watch that just keeps on giving. Here we have a GMT-Master II “Fat Lady” replica watch which got its unusual nickname from the fat stainless steel case that is much bigger than previous iterations. This later transitional reference also has the index surrounds that add something extra to the black dial. There are many reasons we are addicted to the GMT-Master II, including the Pepsi bezel and the comfortable Oyster bracelet.

Popular and Elegant Replica IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Edition

The Schaffhausen-based factory released two unique edition models from the Ingenieur collection so as to celebrate this year’s Rallye Passione Caracciola. It is a regularity rally for historical cars made until 1980 which is open to all brand and car models. The Passione Caracciola rally is dedicated to the racing driver Rudolf Caracciola and the fake IWC Schaffhausen is the official partner of the event since the last year when the special regularity rally has been held for the first time. 
The top quality replica IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Edition “Rudolf Caracciola” is dedicated to the German star driver of the 1930s. At the time, the Mercedes driver won three European Championship titles and took the chequered flag in 144 of the 204 races he finished. Caracciola was also known as the “King of the Rain” which was an allusion to his driving skills on wet tracks.
This special edition timepiece exudes with the simplicity and elegance of the case which differs from the technically inspired design by Gerald Genta previously used for this collection. The fake watch is housed in a sporty, stainless steel case measuring 42mm in diameter and 15mm in thickness. I must notice that the cheap watch looks much larger than it actually is because of its wide bezel.
There lies the slate-colored dial which is perfectly rounded with a tachymeter scale underneath the front sapphire glass. The dial comprises rhodium-plated hands and appliques that give the fake watch a technical, but totally elegant look.
The second special edition timepiece named Ingenieur Chronograph Edition “W 125” recalls the legendary Silver Arrow from Mercedes-Benz. Seventy-eight years ago, at the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz W 125 with a V12 engine, the legendary German racing driver recorded 432.7 kilometers per hour on the Frankfurt-Darmstadt autobahn. So it is the highest speed ever driven on a public road at present.
This replica watch characterizes silver-plated dial contrasting starkly with the black hands and appliques. Both are chronograph sub-dials, the small seconds and the tachymeter scale imitate the instrument look found in the cockpit of a W 125.
The Ingenieur Chronograph fake Edition “Rudolf Caracciola” features a brown calfskin strap, the embossing of which is the reminiscent of the seats in racing cars of good old days, while the Ingenieur Chronograph Edition “W 125” is held to the wearer’s wrist by a luxurious strap made of black calfskin. Both models are issued in the limited series of 750 pieces each.