Introduction of The Pepsi GMT from Rolex and Tudor 

Basel world 2021 is all about Pepsi GMT new replica watches from Rolex and Tudor, and while no one knows for sure what Rolex might launch at Basel world this year, speculation has already begun about what we might expect.Will there be a new Submariner design this year? Will Explorer II be granted a late update? Isn’t it time for a Cerachrom Daytona with a gold case and bracelet?

Fans have been most vocal about the brand’s fabled GMT-master collection, which marks the 65th anniversary of its debut in 2019. Like everyone else, rolex shines on its birthday, and many fans hope that the brand’s gift to us may be the only thing worth noting about the collection over the years: the black and red “Coke” bezel.
Now, no one would be happier to see Coca-Cola back than I am, but sadly, I don’t think that will happen for two reasons. First, for rolex, 65 is a bit of a random year. “Big reveal” usually happens half a century. Second, just last year, all eyes were on Pepsi GMT, with Rolex and its sister company releasing absolute knockouts
The Rolex GMT-Master, with its blue and red Pepsi bezels, is the face of the watch world.This was the first example of what would become the most famous two-time-zone watch. For more than 60 years, Rolex GMT was an option, in one form or another.
The original Bakelite bezels were quickly replaced by aluminum, which was the standard reference material for GMT until 2005. That year, Rolex introduced their Cerachrom(ceramic) bezel-insert model; However, they have not perfected the method to apply it to the two-color scheme. By contrast, the GMT’s ceramic bezel is pure black, completely missing its intended purpose: to give the appearance of day and night at a glance.
For the next few years, the closest we came to Pepsi GMT bezel was an extremely expensive example, surrounded by rubies and sapphires; By 2014, however, Rolex had figured out a way to add a second color to the ceramic inserts, and a real Pepsi model entered the market.Unfortunately, the watch comes with just one platinum piece, making the legendary cheap fake watches more expensive than most people can afford.That goes a long way to explaining why Pepsi’s GMT-Master II stainless steel relaunch last year made headlines for months.
Rolex’s masterpiece, however, did not quite go its way. Just as a younger brother is always trying to upstage his older brother, Tudor is rocking Baselworld 2018 with his Pepsi GMT.