A Replica Rolex ‘Pre-Daytona’ and a Double-Signed Excelsior Park Decimal

We found most of our featured watches this week, with the very popular exception of the cover girl, a replica Rolex chronograph in superb condition. To round out the selection, we conclude with a dressy Vacheron Constantin model, which comes with full set.
For quite some time vintage Gallet have been on the rise, with the MultiChron Decimal chronograph being one of the most popular models around owing to its catchy good appearance. Interestingly, the manual-wound chronograph movement found in those watches is the Excelsior Park EP40, which helps to explain the unusual branding of this dial.  rolex watch
Actually, Excelsior Park is mentioned on the dial, but it is not the only name there as “Sinn” can also be spotted. It is not surprising given the close relationship between the two brands; Sinn often depended on the Excelsior Park calibers for its chronographs. The Decimal quite a rare one – the only recent trace of the watch is from a listing from five years ago, although another one seem to been sighted in 2003. This example is preserved in excellent general condition despite some aging to the dial (and some spotting), and it comes on a vintage bracelet, obviously made by Gay Freres.
The Daytona is apparently the most popular replica Rolex chronograph, but it was actually not created from a completely blank slate. The use of an Oyster case pre-dates the launch of the first Daytona watch, as the references 6034, 6234, and 6238 already benefited from it. This explains why those are often nicknamed “Pre-Daytona,” although they very obviously do not carry a scale on their bezel – the real design change that led to the Daytona as we know it.
The present Rolex watch shows an almost perfect dial, which allows us to experience the original beauty of its design. Its external scales are typical of the 1950s, in their printing and coloring, when the 3/6/9 demarcation on the minute counter was used for international calls paid in three-minute increments. The case condition matches; it is described as unpolished and judging from the thick lugs, it very much looks that way. The radium lume has taken on a very nice patina, which matches on both the hands and dial markers.
The KonTiki name comes from the fascinating expedition led by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl who was reportedly wearing an Eterna back in 1947. The name was used on many replica watches by Eterna, some of which were even military-issued divers. The present KonTiki is an often-forgotten model originally launched in 1958, just a few years after the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and the fake Rolex Submariner. Its design underlines the focus on legibility, therefore, the generous application of lume on the hands and indexes.
Top Quality 1940s Breitling ‘Pre-Premier’ and a 1984 Rolex GMT-Master II
There is something about vintage Breitling replica watches, and that’s not enough for us. This “Pre-Premier” watch is no exception. First introduced by the fake Breitling way-back-when in 1939 with a black dial, the 734 boasts clean lines and a classic tool watch demeanor. This chronograph does not feature the word “Premier” on the dial like its younger sibling, but it is just as appealing. It has become one of the more desirable vintage replica Breitlings on the market recently. You can read more about this fake watch here.
It seems impossible for someone not to love a dive watch. There is something so rewarding about a classic tool watch, with its clean lines and rugged exterior. When the Aqua-Lung “Skin 666” was first released in 1962, it cost $100. Fast forward to today and this quintessential automatic dive watch is more expensive, but it packs the same punch. It was built to withstand pressures up to 660 feet deep and has a rich black dial fitted into the stainless steel case. You can read more about it here.
The GMT-Master is a classic watch that just keeps on giving. Here we have a GMT-Master II “Fat Lady” replica watch which got its unusual nickname from the fat stainless steel case that is much bigger than previous iterations. This later transitional reference also has the index surrounds that add something extra to the black dial. There are many reasons we are addicted to the GMT-Master II, including the Pepsi bezel and the comfortable Oyster bracelet.